This Dokuwiki plugin allows you to add fully configurable lightweight and responsive social share buttons to your wiki.


Install the plugin using the Dokuwiki Plugin Manager and this download URL, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to Dokuwiki Plugins page on how to install plugins manually.

To add the lightweight social share buttons just at the tag ~~socialite~~ anywhere in you page. From the Dokuwiki configuration page, you can select three visualisation options: color(default), name and icon.

Option Display: color. This option only uses css styles, so it is really lightweight:

Option Display: name. Displays the social share icon and name:

Option Display: icon. Displays a small button wit the social network icon:

To add the lightweight social share buttons just at the tag ~~socialite~~ anywhere in you page:


You can also select which buttons to display and in which order. This example displays facebook and twitter buttons:

~~socialite facebook twitter~~

You can define the socialite plugin default options in your Dokuwiki Configuration Page:

  1. networks This configuration setting allows you to select the default social network buttons to display and its sort order. Default networks are: twitter facebook googleplus linkedin pinterest tumblr reddit taringa and email.
  2. display This configuration setting allows you to select the display mode:
    • color:<default> displays the name of the social network with its background color. This option only uses css so it is really lightweight
    • name: displays the icon and name of the social network
    • icon: displays just the icon of the social network
  3. twitter_user Twitter username of content author (don't include “@”), to share via @twitter_user.

Optionally, it is possible to define locally the display mode and network list. This will always override the default settings. Use the syntax ~~socialite[:display_mode] [network ...]~~ to define local settings.

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Change Log

Known Bugs and Issues

ToDo/Wish List

  1. This plugin counts the number of shares? No. To count and displays the number of shares lots of external scripts are injected on your site, the page will be much heavier and will take longer to download and display. This plugin only calls the external social site if and when you click on the button.

Before reporting any issues (bugs or requests), please first take a look at the FAQ on plugin problems.

You can report any issues either on the Issue Tracker

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