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Debian 8 'Jessie' Server

Debian 7.0 wheezy Server


0.0 About this guide

This guide will walk you through the installation and configuration of a small Debian GNU/Linux home server. It covers the installation of the base system and also the installation and configuration of several network services.

This guide is intended for educational reasons only. It should not use be used to setup a production server.

The instructions are based on version 7.0 'Wheezy' of the DebianGNU/Linux distribution.

Is this guide for me?

This guide is for you if...

  • You are a Linux enthusiast willing to set up a small home server as a learning exercise for educational purposes only.
  • You have some spare time to learn more and solve problems that WILL arrive.
  • You do not gave up easily when the first problem appears.

This guide is NOT for you if...

  • You want to impress your boss with your copy and paste, ready to go, corporate server setup.
  • You have no knowledge at all about Linux.
  • You think a Linux server (or any other server) is a setup and forget thing.
  • You think you can call yourself a System Administrator or IT manager after reading this guide!

Ok, now seriously

A server setup, administration and maintenance requires highly skilled, very dedicated and experienced people. And bear in mind: maintain a server is a never ending task and, definitively, not the easiest job in the world!

This guide is basically the compilation of what I learn, so use it as a learning tool only! Also, as my learning exercise, this guide fits my needs, not necessarily yours! Use it as a base for your own research.

And if this guide raises more questions than answers, congratulations, you are in the right direction and ready to fly higher!

Suggested reading order

This guide is organized in a sequential order, dictated by the server configuration logic and dependencies. This means, for instance, the network configuration must be complete before start the installation of a network service. So the best way of reading this document is to follow the logical structure, step by step instructions.

However, for reading convenience, this guide is also organized by subject in several chapters and sections.

Try it first!

A good practice is to start you installation of configuration in a test environment before you move to the real thing. A virtual server gives you an excellent test platform. As examples of easy to setup virtualization software, you have:

  • Virtualbox (http://www.virtualbox.org), an open-source virtualization software with an impressive list of features. It was my choice to help me to write this guide.
  • VMWare (http://www.vmware.com) offers virtualization in to flavors: VMWare Server and VMWare Player, both free for personal use.
  • Digital Ocean (https://www.digitalocean.com/?refcode=ee9b5a514f22) is a service that allows you to create a virtual server in the cloud. During the creation of the server can choose the operating system to install and respective version.
  • Linode another service that allows you to create a virtual server in the cloud.

A great tutorial is available here: Installing a Debian GNU/Linux test server with VirtualBox.


There is also a Debian Server Forum and a specific thread 1. Installation for questions and suggestions.

Do your own research!

Internet is a wonderful source of knowledge! Do not stop after reading this guide: at the end of every section, you will find some useful links about the subject Use it as a starting point and continue searching the Internet. Doing you own research is the best way to learn.

I shall not be responsible!

As any guide, this one can also have some incorrections. Bear in mind that I shall not be responsible for any data loss or any type of damage or prejudice resulting from the usage of this guide. You have been warned!

Have fun!

Learning Linux by setting up a small home server can be a very funny experience! _ Why don't you try yourself and start installing it?


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